Friday, November 23, 2007

Incompetence is the Excuse

I think the Bush administration is having us on. First it was passports. Remember, now you have to have a passport to return to the United States from the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada. But most Americans didn't have passports. So did the State Department do the easy thing and ask the airlines how many people fly back into the States from those destinations? Of course not. As my mother would say, "Too much like right."

Now it is Homeland Security's turn. First, you raise the fees nearly 66% and give everyone six months notice of the change in price. Then, like State, you don't hire enough staff to handle the expected rush.

But this little bit of "incompetence" has the whiff of preventing minorities from participating in the next Presidential election. Due to the unrelenting demonization of immigrants by the likes of Lou Dobbs and Rep Tom Tancredo, most of these new citizens-to-be are expected to vote for a Democrat (as if there weren't enough other reasons to throw those Republican rascals out!). But now a process that used to take months is expected to take years. While Immigration officials say that politics is not part of the calculation, who can believe them? After all, we've seen what happened to the Justice Department.

I bet every part of government has been corrupted by this administration. I was never a fan of Bush. In fact, it took the 2004 election for me to be able to call him the President. But even cynical me had no idea it would be this bad.

But incompetence? No, this crowd has very competently ruined America. Starting with the government, through the economy, and even our reputation in the world. And it only took eight years! This was very well thought out and handled just right. Katrina was a lapse in that someone forgot to pull the curtain and the world could see back stage.

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