Saturday, November 17, 2007

Talking to Politicians Who Will Never Hear Me

John Edwards
So, I was listening to the news roundup on the Diane Rehms Show on WAMU and heard that Hillary Clinton went after John Edwards - who I am supporting - because he has changed his views about some issues since he was in the Senate. So to Senator Edwards: Just tell Mrs. Clinton that you've spent the last four years talking to real people in real places and have learned thing about their lives that it isn't possible to learn when you're in Washington, DC and in the Senate.

Democrats in Congress
Don't fold on this war spending bill. Everyone knows that at this point, George Bush needs you more than you need him. You've just passed a HUGE defense bill so there is plenty of money to pay for the war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Call Defense Secretary Gates' bluff - he says he'll lay off civilian workers. Fine - if he lays off civilian workers, you can't be faulted for not funding the troops.

Hillary Clinton
The reason this woman is not supporting you is because I don't know what you care about. You can give very impassioned speeches, but I've learned that actions speak louder than words. Anyone can talk a good game, but playing it with heart and honesty is another thing all together.

I expect to have these conversations a lot over time.

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omelas said...

Well, at least someone hears you out here in blogland.


I was really impressed with his book, and that instead of it being endless pages about why his ideas are the best, instead it's a round up of good ideas on ending poverty and how it's so very possible for us to do as a nation.. by people who have worked on the issue and just have good ideas. Regardless of party affiliation or checkbook.

Ah, but listen to me. lol.