Saturday, December 22, 2007

Obama and Lieberman

UPDATE: So, I get a comment saying that Obama really didn't say that he'd like Arnold (I can't spell his last name and am too tired at 12:20 am on the day after Christmas to look it up) to be a member of his cabinet, although he did praise Chuck Hagel and Richard Lugar; fellow Senators although they are both Republicans.

Then I learn that Obama is is picking a fight with John Edwards about 527s and Unions. Say what? Without unions we wouldn't have the 8 hour work week, paid vacations, sick leave, etc. Without unions most of us wouldn't have grown up in middle class families. Unions and PACs are not the same thing and why would Obama keep giving Republicans ideas about how to Swift Boat other Democrats?

I won't comment on Krugman's discussion of the Harry and Louise redux ad because I couldn't find it on YouTube, which doesn't mean much - but I figure if it is being shown in Iowa I should be able to find it. But the crux of Krugman's argument is that if anyone has to buy health insurance, every should have to buy it - like auto insurance. Although, having health insurance does not mean that you will receive medical care. Will Obama be willing to mandate that insurance companies actually cover the people who pay their premiums month after month?

Obama says he'd pick Arnold, Lugar, and Hagel for his cabinet. What? He doesn't know any good Democrats?

This action is making me think more and more about the ways in which Obama is too much like Lieberman.

Both like to beat on Democrats with Republican talking points. Both see good across the aisle before they deign to mention the good in their own party. I mean, hell, Lieberman endorsed McCain because "no Democrat asked him!" Wonder why!

I had always thought Obama just wasn't ready yet. Felt a few more years in the Senate would help him articulate his positions beyond hope and optimism. I know I'm a cynic; maybe I'm just leaping ahead to the curmudgeon years.

I admit to supporting Edwards -- he's the only one I trust to protect my interests and the interests of most of Americans. Hillary shows something, but it isn't passion (I need to know what my candidate is passionate about) and Obama is just too nice! The world isn't a nice place. But I digress.

So, will Barak Obama be the next Democratic Senator to lose his primary election bid in his home state? If he keeps endorsing Republicans, he just might.

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