Thursday, December 20, 2007

What to do About Israel and Palestine

A friend of mine in Helada asked me what I would do about the problems in Israel and Palestine. Here's my response:

Israel exists - no one should have to affirm their right to exist. We Americans didn't ask the Native Americans to affirm our right to their country. We took it, signed a few treaties (most of which we have continuously ignored) and all have moved on. To ask the Palestinians to affirm Israel existence really means to say that the Israelis were correct to take their country and that they fully agree with those actions. Even we Americans were quite that bold!

But Israel must return to the 1967 borders. Israel must affirm the right to return and I truly believe that if this is done, Israel's security issues will be far fewer than they are now.

But it is hard to give up power, especially that power which is maintained through force so I don't see this happening anytime soon.

But this would be my solution.


Of course, I wrote that before waking up this morning to see that Israel plans to build a 10,000 home new development in East Jerusalem. Boy, they really know how to negotiate a peace treaty, eh?

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